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Digital Transformation Program for a Food Services Company

  • Digital Transformation Program for a Food Services Company

Our client started a journey that would lead to new ambitions, new strategy, new processes and new systems. In short, the company would be completely renewed with a strong link to its heritage of providing a high level service delivering food to professional foodservice customers.

They aimed to provide the best online food experience, with online as the leading service channel, for customers whenever and wherever requested. Even though 60% of customers were already placing orders online, the potential for further growth was huge.

Specific organisational and technical challenges included:

  • keeping everyone in the company aligned with the desired direction during a time of massive transformation
  • the IT landscape centered primarily on a legacy, home grown AS400 environment while the more distributed environment had some best-of-breed applications for master data, finance, warehouse management and e-commerce.


The new e-commerce environment is based on Oracle Commerce and is entirely developed and maintained by us to allow our client to grow and fulfill their ambitions. We supported the transition and transformation by keeping everyone motivated and working towards creating the next level of online foodservice.

The solution integrates with the legacy AS400 environment using the Mindcurv Integration Layer (MIL) and with the master data environment using SAP PI. The platform provides real-time stock checks from the legacy environment and individual prices for all customer-product combinations.

Key results

This new e-commerce environment has lifted the bar for online experience in the B2B-foodservice market and online orders have now grown to 90%. The online platform has also facilitated cross-sell and up-sell as well as private label share.

The e-commerce environment runs at a very high availability of 99.99% on a yearly basis, with a strong focus on performance of every aspect of the platform.

Our client also reports very high customer satisfaction rates.

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