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Digital Transformation Strategy for a Consumer Electronics Market Leader

  • Digital Transformation Strategy for a Consumer Electronics Market Leader

Our globally active client wanted to digitalise their main product and create a digital universe around their products, covering content, commerce and sales support, to remain as key innovator in their market segment.

The client organisation was heavy on the engineering, sales and marketing side but relatively lightweight on the e-commerce site because the internal IT and marketing teams couldn’t deal with such a demanding goal on their own.

We were brought in to help the client design a strategy to fully digitalise / cloud-enable their products, build up a strong digital organisation and transform the organisation into a true online business.


We helped our client define the to-be service using our minimal-viable-service-design approach together with a service design partner.

Reporting to senior management, we complemented the organisation in key roles such as lead business analyst, enterprise architect, delivery management, UX design capturing and refining requirements. Together, we built a program organisation and program governance and supported the introduction of agile software development process, principles and tooling, and performed risk management and quality assurance.

We helped with hiring staff and coaching, and selecting technology and implementation partners. We were also involved in kick-start projects and initiatives.

Key results

After a difficult start, the client and project organisation picked up agile and software development principles and learned to work as one.

The team went through steep learning curves, making a number of mistakes, but delivered at the expected launch date and - despite the tremendous change the organisation had to go through - to a very respectable quality and scope.

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