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Greenfield Implementation of a B2B Oracle Commerce Platform in Germany

  • Greenfield Implementation of a B2B Oracle Commerce Platform in Germany

Our client, a leading manufacturer in a niche segment, decided to change their current business model and benefit from vertical integration.

Our client lacked expertise in the e-commerce sphere so asked for our help in setting-up / adapting their current business model and targetting new customer groups using new processes.

In addition to this groundwork, the client wanted us to implement their to-be e-commerce platform for a (comparatively) small budget.


After a small pre-study and concept phase executed by one of our teams in Germany (digital strategist, UX-designer, business analyst, solutions architect), a small team of experts from our delivery centres in India and Germany took over the implementation project and delivered the new online platform using our Go-Live Accelerator for Oracle Commerce.

We also introduced our CI/CD suite Anvil to build and deploy a platform that consists of Oracle Commerce and Oracle Commerce Experience Manager and integrates with our client’s ERP, Product Information Management and Warehouse Management solutions.

Key results

It took us seven months from the start of the concept phase to the delivery of phase one where the major challenges were due to clarifications of requirements, integrations and process changes on client site. Implementation time alone took just 4 1/2 months.

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