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Greenfield Implementation of an Oracle Commerce Platform in Latin America

  • Greenfield Implementation of an Oracle Commerce Platform in Latin America

Our client already had an online store implemented using ATG 9.4, however the site was not up to the desired standards and had performance and extensibility issues. Our team had already collaborated with Tottus fixing some of the performance and implementation issues. The business was looking to bump the sales of the online channel and improve their footprint in the market, with this target in mind they decided to implement a new site from scratch using all of the Oracle Commerce technology stack. Given our previous experience and success records we were appointed as the implementation partner for the project.

Specific Organisational and technical challenges included

  • technical and functional documentation was scarce
  • the work was done remotely between our teams in Spain and India and the customer's in Chile and Perú the customer was not used to agile project management methodologies
  • the customer's team changed


  • We worked together with the customer team taking the leadership of the project, also coaching the customer's team in the use of agile methodologies to approach the project.
  • We did setup a mixed team of onshore and offshore developers in order to reduce the costs without compromising the quality of the deliverables. Keeping the right balance was key for the success.
  • We leveraged the productivity of the team by extensively using the Atlassian suite of products, and introducing a complete transparency policy.

Key results

  • a brand new web site using a modern responsive UX with a large set of new functionality like Endeca guided navigation, search autocomplete, typeahead and suggestions
  • the business user is now capable of controlling the UX and customer journey through the Endeca Experience Manager

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