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Microservices Strategy review for a Cross-European Retailer

  • Microservices Strategy review for a Cross-European Retailer

Our client operates a hybris 4.7 based e-commerce platform and generates significant revenues through their online shop. Over the years, the platform has been highly customised to business needs with little time was spent on platform refactoring and optimisation.

Given the major stability and deployment issues, our client decided to develop and execute a micro services strategy to step away from hybris as a monolithic e-commerce platform and, instead, introduce / build a micro-services oriented architecture.


We performed a number of intense workshops with senior management to understand their business vision and strategy. We executed a series of interviews and workshops with the relevant IT and business stakeholders on their platform strategy, immediate business requirements and operational issues.

We defined a set of core platform, organisation and business requirements and - using our e-commerce reference model - validated whether the micro-services strategy was suitable for addressing the company's pain points and future business needs.

Key results

We confirmed basic technology decisions and elements of our client's strategy which helped them defend their plans to investors.

Nevertheless, there were doubts in the business user support and enablement given the resource restrictions and senior management’s ambitious goals. Senior management decided to thoroughly check the business user support and their organisation's capabilities before finally deciding on some tactical and strategic changes.

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