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Omnichannel enablement for a Telecommunications company

  • Omnichannel enablement for a Telecommunications company

Our client wanted to transform their business from a typical siloed organisation into a real omni-channel business. Customers should be able to seamlessly shop and get service and information across all touchpoints.

Our goal was to understand and re-design the customer-facing buying processes in a customer-centric and omni-channel way.


Working together with a tight-knit client team, we developed a working prototype of two buying processes spanning across retail stores, online shops and customer service organisation.

Together with a service design partner, we developed a minimal viable service design and built up a prototype store, e-commerce and e-service prototypes. We tested the new processes in the field to identify concepts, unforeseen breaking-points and challenges, and collect real customer feedback.

Key results

We identified a set of non-IT related process changes required to enable the omni-channel experience, and discovered where and why the organisation had difficulties adapting to it.

We defined process and organisational changes and introduced extensions to the e-commerce platform and retail store IT systems to deal with the new processes and bring the omni-channel idea to life.

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