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Oracle Commerce Platform Upgrade for a leading Food Retail Company

  • Oracle Commerce Platform Upgrade for a leading Food Retail Company

Our client has been an Oracle Commerce customer for years. However, their online shop was getting old, running on a version that was no longer supported.

Our client wanted to improve the customer shopping experience - and increase revenue - by building a responsive web site and mobile-ready web site. Upgrading the e-commerce platform was a key part of the journey.

Specific organisational and technical challenges included:

  • outdated and very manual tooling for running the platform
  • very small team
  • complete revamp of the software and hardware infrastructure in a very short time.


We teamed up with a digital agency to redesign the shop UX with emphasis on responsiveness and mobile readiness. We approached the project in three phases:

  1. Set up a modern Version Control System and build and deployment pipeline process and tooling: Github and Gradle build system and Jenkins. This automated almost every task.

  2. Migrate the platform from ATG 2007.1 to Oracle Commerce 11.1.

  3. Implement a new responsive/mobile-ready UX with new functionality, adding a new templating engine, API layer, search engine and payment gateway.

Key results

Our client had a brand new and integrated web site with a modern responsive UX, guided search navigation and a brand new search facility with faceting, autocomplete, and typeahead. One-click deployments to any environment were now possible. We also implemented a static content sub-domain service with on-the-fly image resizing.

The first two phases were speedily released in three months with a team of just two people that also introduced ELK stack as a log monitoring system

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