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Platform review + operations strategy for a global IOT solution

  • Platform review + operations strategy for a global IOT solution

Our client had decided to partner with a Silicon Valley based technology start-up to develop their IoT product and cloud-based management components. We were asked to help with the application operations and cloud operations strategies, design 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support organisations, verify the technology strategy especially for stability and operability, develop a monitoring and operations concept and support the go-live and field-test phases.


A small team of our operations and cloud experts joined the client’s organisation to analyse the status-quo and technology strategy, and develop recommendations for all the requirements. They worked in collaboration with both the client and the tech-startup.

Key results

Our client has been able to design and set up their target support and operations organisation. Platform stability and operability were also reviewed and optimised.

A field-test, friendly-user-test and step-by-step market entry has now been clearly defined.

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