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Rescue mission for an Oracle Commerce Platform at a leading Food Retailer

  • Rescue mission for an Oracle Commerce Platform at a leading Food Retailer

Our client had just built a new version of their non-food online store from scratch on Oracle Commerce 11.1 and Endeca. However, the store had been plagued with stability and performance issues ever since launching.

We were called in to fix the problems that caused the system collapses, find the performance bottlenecks, and provide architectural advice. Our client also asked for our experienced Oracle Commerce developers for their agile development teams.

Specific organisational and technical challenges included:

  • the team that implemented the application had left the project. The client was not in control of the application and code documentation barely existed

  • no customer-owned build system was in place

  • all environments, apart from production and one UAT, were unused due to lack of configuration and data availability application was suffering deadlocks and performance was very poor
  • the CDN solution was badly used.


We provided architectural and technical direction to identify the root cause of the issues hitting the system. We audited the application code and configuration, identifying flaws and misconfigurations that caused the deadlock and stability issues.

Prioritising changes meant we could identify quick wins, such as changes with low implementation costs to greatly improve application stability. We proposed architectural changes for the not-so-quick-to-fix issues or else designed the solution.

By analysing performance issues, we established a path for iterative changes to improve page load time.

We produced a new build system and VM-based development environment and leveraged CDN capabilities for caching static content to heavily reduce the load in the origin servers.

Key results

Platform stability improved radically even after just the first set of quick-win changes. Our client regained control of the source code and can now build releases autonomously with one-click deployments to any environment. AVE and UAT environments are now up-to-date and ready to use.

Development team productivity has soared now that a VM with the necessary software has been installed and configured; tasks are automated and executed at the click of a button.

The application lifecycle is now managed and controlled with a set of modern tools from Atlassian: Bitbucket, Confluence, Jira and Bamboo, with application performance drastically increased after our suggestions had been implemented.

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