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SAP + Manhatten Associates (OMS) Integration at a Food Services Market Leader

  • SAP + Manhatten Associates (OMS) Integration at a Food Services Market Leader

Customer was replacing the vast majority of it’s legacy systems by new standard enterprise systems (e-Commerce, ERP and Warehouse Management) in a single, comprehensive change program. This program enabled our customer to take a big jump ahead with business ambitions and technological state of affairs, readying them for the future and avoiding a burning platform situation from a technology perspective. Specific organisational and technical challenges

Because of the amount of changes Mindcurv could help our customer with, not only the necessary guidance on the possibilities and capabilities of the new e-Commerce world, but also with a sound technical architecture to support all the changes ahead.

Perhaps, one of the more challenging aspects was the required coexistence phase of the legacy system and the new enterprise systems, to allow for time to implement and deploy the new ways of working and the new systems across the organization.

Also, the cooperation between various partners and interdependence between the different systems and project phases, required special attention and solutions.


From a technical perspective, we helped setup an architecture that occupied a central place in the overall landscape. Integration between the e-Commerce platform and the rest of the application landscape was provided for by the Mindcurv Integration Layer (MIL). This allowed for the appropriate separation of concerns between the various systems, but at the same time between the various partners and project phases. By using MIL our customer got a high-performance integration layer, with excellent test and traceability capabilities.

Integration with a variety of old and new back-end systems were realized. This includes integrations with ERP, Warehouse Managementt, Digital Asset Management, Identity Management, CRM, and some more.

Key results

A successful change program that prepared our customer for the future, from a business and a technical perspective. Integrations between the e-Commerce platform and the various back-end systems run without problems. Performance and availability is at a very high level, for all real-time and batch integrations.

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