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Scaling, integrating and operating a global eCommerce platform for Vorwerk Thermomix

  • Scaling, integrating and operating a global eCommerce platform for Vorwerk Thermomix

Vorwerk Thermomix runs a complex centralised SAP hybris and cloud-based e-commerce platform that serves clients in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas with a very unusual peak profile. The platform becomes busy at times when people want to eat or cook and therefore browse for their ‘perfect meal’.

Even more important, the platform is becoming part of the core-product that is cloud-enabled and therefore customers feel in their day-to-day cooking how good the platform performs.

Vorwerk therefore wanted to optimise the platform’s performance to achieve the highest standards of performance for content delivery and browsing and cache 95% of all end customer interactions.


We’ve been in charge of operating Vorwerk's e-commerce platform since its 2014 launch and helped integrate it into their ERP landscape. We therefore have a great deal of insight into end customer browsing behaviour as well as our client’s organisation.

Vorwerk asked us to take more responsibility for the performance optimisation / scaling initiative to help them reach their ambitious goals.

We wanted to build a scalable and operational solution that integrates tightly with all components and could be monitored in a customer centric way. The stack selected by the client included leading edge technologies such as Netflix OSS, Docker, redis and various AWS services like DynamoDB, RDS, EC2, S3, elastic load balancer, cloudformation, cloudfront and many more.

To keep control of the ever growing complexity of the hybrid cloud we decided to implement highly-automated environments using an infrastructure-as-code approach. Besides being able to dynamically scale-out/scale-in this approach helped a lot in controlling quality, consistency and cost.

Key results

We helped our client understand the platform-behaviour from an end customer's view and helped improve customer satisfaction by stabilising and scaling the overall platform.

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